Dinner...Every monday night.

first MND at the guy’s place!

first MND at the guy’s place!


“The best customer service I have experienced has been at my local Publix. Every Monday, my friends and I get together to make ourselves a homemade dinner. We start the evening by going to Publix to buy ingredients for the night’s meal. After two years we are known by a few cashiers, the butchers, and the lovely lady that gives out free samples, and we keep going to that Publix because those employees are nothing but kind and patient to us as a large group. One Monday in particular, though, we asked a woman walking around what she thought we should eat for dinner. She suggested we make a pizza, and so she walked around with us through the entire store helping us collect the dough, pick out a sauce, steak, green peppers and even helped us pick through spices. As a reasonable-sized group it would take time for us to effectively communicate to one another and then to an employee to ask a question. The woman waiting patiently as we sorted out our questions and she quickly knew how to answer. “

so I don’t remember what we actually ate that night or if this was one single night, but the people at Publix are awesome. end of story. 

btw, this is for a job application I’m filling out. 

The men cooking in the kitchen, as per usual. 

some of the faces of MND


what is it about mustaches that make people want to stroke their chins?

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David and/or Kyle

(Monday Night Dinner conversation)